Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I forgot that I actually run. I haven't run since December 2nd, when I snuck in a short trip up NCAR road and back before the surgery. It looks like I might be able to start jogging again soon, but my foot definitely needs some PT. I'm walking a little bit, but it's hard to imagine training again. There's still a bit of weakness in my foot that causes me to limp. I've been sort of holding steady on the bike though. I've done some big workouts, so I hope I've kept reasonably fit. Still, I haven't had the energy or motivation to really push things. I've found that I can't read a ton about what other people do when they are injured or follow other runners much at the moment. I mostly try to distract myself and deal. I sort of hate to admit that there's a part of me that is OK with not running, though I miss it. It's such an addictive sport, and I get so on my own case when I'm not where I want to be with it. I'm just harder on myself when it comes to running. Funny, if I have a bad workout on the bike, who cares? Somehow it affects me more if I have a bad running day.

I do have other things going on that are keeping me busy. So many things are changing, and some very cool possibilities are presenting themselves. In fact, I'm sort of getting excitement paralysis and overwhelmed with all of it. I'm thrilled that I am probably going to co-author a book with a friend. That looks like something we will start later in the spring. I'm also thinking about trying to do something chocolate related, but it's all in the dream stages at the moment. I've got a concept and have made samples, some good and some not so good. It's hard to figure out how I'm going to manage all of this, because anytime energy goes into one thing, it naturally pulls away from another. I still have my regular job and the rest of my life to sort out too. At the moment, it's my social life that has been hit hardest, not that I ever got out much. Aside from the chocolate event at Piece, Love and Chocolate, I haven't been out at all lately. I'm better about that kind of thing in the warmer months though. Still, this is the time when it would be good to remember to avoid rushing things and find some balance. I sometimes tend to go full steam with an idea at the expense of too many other things. I'm working on not doing that at the moment.

basically, this is one of those posts to say that I'm not giving up blogging, but I'm sort of distracted right now. If all goes well, I will get back into writing more regularly again shortly. This week was a bit too hectic.

I'll leave everyone with this video that lifts my spirits when I'm feeling a little down, which has been the case, despite all this positive stuff falling in my lap.

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