Friday, January 25, 2013

Life Force International

I normally don't advertise products on my blog, except when promoting specific chocolates, of course, but years ago when I first started taking care of myself after years of starvation, these products helped me feel more nourished. A friend of mine is now selling them, and she wrote the following little blurb about how the products can benefit runners. Anyone interested in the many products available can contact her. The contact information is at the bottom of this post.

I really liked this product .
From Rebecca:
While running is a way of life for many women, it could be doing women’s bodies a huge disservice. Recent studies have shown that some women who run long distances have lower bone density than women who are sedentary. In fact, some findings have shown young women runners with a bone density that compares to that of a 80 year old woman. Low bone density can be a sign of osteoporosis and can lead to a high risk of bone fractures. Not fun for the active woman!
What can you do? ( because giving up running is not an option!)
1- Include more weight training activity in your workouts.
(while running is weight bearing and better for your bone health then swimming, running too much can actually reduce bone density.)
2- Eat a balanced diet that includes healthy fats and lean proteins to help create strong muscles.
3- Support your body with proper calcium and bone-building supplements.
4- Maintain a regular menstrual cycle (Irregular periods are a sign that hormone levels are out of balance, and this has a negative effect on bone health.)
5- Support your body for optimal training results: stay hydrated, make sure you are getting trace minerals in your diet,
Do your research ladies. How best can you support your radiant health while still running and Training? Any questions on where to go from here with supplement help, please contact me:
Rebecca Abraxas BS in Wellness Education /Independent Rep for Life Force International    

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