Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Women's Running

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  1. I'm glad that 1) a woman who's been around for a while is adding remarks to this topic, making it harder for the shitbird brigade to dismiss them, and 2) people exist who can write about these things with both eloquence and restraint, which I cannot and would never even really attempt.

    "I believe people like Erin mean well"

    I used to believe that about the cancel-happy, anti-white-male (they've made it very clear that their brush leaves no surface unmarked), ersatz-woke crowd, and I'm guilty of being equally charitable to them out loud. But you summed up their agenda nicely by reminding me of this:

    "Cain's story unleashed a conversation about the destructive culture underlying sports at all levels..."

    First of all, as you noted, this is nothing new. It's possible that relative latecomers like that blob of narcissism who occasionally "writes" for the New York Times know this, but either way, they are absolutely desperate to be recognized as innovators, as new and prominent voices at the vanguard of a running revolution.

    There is nothing smacking of "good faith" about any religious movement or the high priests who claim authority therein, and this is such a movement. They are moral cowards who want no conversation whatsoever -- they just want to unspool their personal grievances repackaged as concern for "women" or "the sport," without any pushback, and they insist on doing so in everyone's personal space, demanding uniformity of opinion and more. Otherwise, they'll try to eliminate your event or your voice, because there just isn't anywhere else on the Web to rail about how everyone else has kept you down.

    As you also note, the idea of cutting corners was limited to people who were quickly ostracized back in the 1980s and even later. Now, if you call out some pussy for running downhill time trials and lying about it, or have the nerve to write about systematic cheaters, liars and offense-inventors, suddenly you're the asshole.

    Being weak-minded hypocrites isn't a good look for the "check out my huge oves" crowd.

    Bergesen resembles, and apparently is, an evil clown and is probably in the process of unloading her jogbra company to a Chinese billionaire, as has happened with the Competitor Group and Ironman (the races, not the Robert Downey movie).

    Finally the idea of being enough of a pissy little bag of hurt to report a blog so that its author can't add any more training articles to the "professional" shitheap likely would neither have entered a typical person's mind some time ago nor have had its desired effect when expressed. That person might have engaged the contrary ideas instead. But these assholes are intent on having the only men involved in running be competitors in the women's 800.

    Other than that, I guess I don't really see any issues here. Why be so negative about your colleagues?