Friday, July 24, 2015

Interview with Ashley Sara DeKam

Ashley Sara DeKam

Ashley is the founder of the blog, Craving4More. She has also written a book called "Real." Ashley states, "I know food.  My relationship with food is both vast and intimate.  I know the chemistry of food, I know the art of food, and I oh so know the emotion of food.  I adore food and yet I grieve it.  My goal, though, is to respect food for what it is – nourishment.
I pursue health.  Physical, emotional, spiritual well-being is a constant journey and Craving4More.
I am life.  Each day I live and I breathe life.  Each day I wake to serve as a mirror to reflect the light of life onto others – the others who are all Craving4More."

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Running Update

It has been a long, long time since I have posted anything on my blog about running. I wrote one post about cheating but deleted it. It made me too upset to think about, and recently I have lost a lot of respect for some of the people in and associated with the sport. Running isn't the sport I remember. It's starting to look more like the pro cycling world. There are even rumors about people cheating in mountain racing. That seems incredibly wrong for some reason. Not that using anything to enhance performance on the track or roads is acceptable, but I never imagined a mountain runner would be the type to cheat. I guess where there's money, there will be cheaters, though. I'm just glad I ran when I was either too naive to believe people operated in the gray and black area in running, or was not exposed to those types because there were fewer issues with doping back then. Either way, it's depressing to think that this is what running has become.

For a more thorough examination of the whole Alberto scandal happening now, you might want to go here and read what Kevin Beck has to say about it:

Switching gears...

For the first time in years, I have been able to do some jogging. I might even be able to call it running, but I'm still quite limited. Basically, I'm dealing with five separate issues, a few of which might actually be connected.

1. Endometriosis - since I got an IUD, the bleeding is much, much better. The cramps still strike and bring me to my knees from time to time, but overall, things are much improved. I know things are worse when I develop any ovarian cysts, but knowing what's going on helps a lot when it comes to managing pain. The only lingering problem, aside from random cramps, is sex can be challenging. I get pain and cramping both during and days after, which seems to be what others experience with this condition. I'm still trying to figure out the best ways to deal with it.

2. Nerve issues - my left foot is plagued with a few damaged and/or inflamed nerves. Cortisone shots have helped some, but I get a systemic reaction to those and try to limit the number of times I get them. Shots in the foot are not fun.

3. Possible torn toe pad - my right foot decided to protest all the limping I was doing after surgeries on the left foot. For a few years now, my toes on the right side have been making a V-sign. It's weird, but it pulls on my hamstring and calf on that side. I recently got an MRI. I hope something can be done, but I also know that surgery is the way doctors usually go to repair this kind of mess. We will see.

4. Labral tears - I saw a third doctor about the hip issues I was having. He was very, very good and did not push for surgery like the others had. He showed me exactly what was going on on the MRI. I could see the tears, but the hip joints look pretty good. As long as I can tolerate the pain, I'm not going to jump into surgery.

5. Upper hamstring tendinitis - I think most runners deal with this, so it's not even worth mentioning, really. It's one more thing that I have to watch and monitor.

Otherwise, things are rolling along smoothly. I can't run the way I would like, but it feels so incredibly good to be able to get out on the trails and move!

The podcast is coming along nicely. I hope people are enjoying the interviews I have posted. though not exactly related, it looks like I will be contributing to a book project relating to running.

I ran a longish trail run and even did a harder workout this week, so I wouldn't feel so bad about missing the Vail Hill Climb this weekend. I really wanted to run it, but I'm just not there yet. My record from years ago was smashed to pieces, and I don't even remember my time or the current record there. I can never remember my times. I even fucked up my fastest 10K time, thinking it was 35:15 when it was actually 35:04 at the Run for the Zoo in Denver in the 80s. Oops. These days, my fast jog pace probably couldn't even approach an 8-minute mile, but I'm happy I'm able to move with less pain.

By the way, people can get a free copy of my "Training on Empty" book at the Flatiron Running store in south Boulder while supplies last.

Happy 4th, everyone!