Thursday, March 15, 2012

Move over Thin Mints...

I found a new love.

Chocolate Mint Macaron

That yummy looking treat pictured above is a chocolate mint macaron from Mageline's Confiserie:

Mageline's Confiserie Website.

I spent a good part of the day choking back tears. My doctor apt. for my foot was this afternoon. I was so worried, and my foot was killing me. My doc. is so nice, and after an initial exam, he reassured me that the surgery seems to have held. He did say that seeing me cry made him feel like he wanted to cry for me. This overwhelming feeling of loss when injured is something any runner can understand, I'm sure. He took an x-ray, just to be sure, but it seems to be something else. From the way my foot responded, it's likely a torn muscle- yes, another one, this time in my left foot! This one is a little tricky, because it's in a muscle that runs along where the surgery was. As bad as this sounds, it is a million times better to know it might be this instead of anything related to the actual joint. It is a set-back, no doubt, but one that leaves me with more hope than if he had said, "Hey, it's time to fuse the bone."

I'm going into this story about my poor foot in an effort to explain how grateful I was to find a surprise box at the door when I returned. I also found a letter in the mailbox that I had been wanting to receive. Two awesome surprises awaited my return.

Beautiful St. Patrick's Day boxes

Inside the box was a beautiful package of St. Patty's day macarons! I did something I normally never do and immediately popped a mint one into my mouth to soothe my sad and worried soul. Oooooohhhhhhhhhh how it took me up to cloud 9 for a moment! What wonderful flavors and textures were at play in my mouth. There is nothing more satisfying than perfectly balanced chocolate and mint, let me tell you. Mmm. I can't get over how delicious it was and how comforted I felt. Now my tummy and my taste buds are happy, my foot is pampered and taped up like a cocoon, and I am flat out relieved.

In case anyone doesn't know what a macaron is, I wrote a little blog post about them not too long ago here.

A BIG thank you to Mageline's Confiserie for the lovely surprise! So far, everyone I have sent macarons to has absolutely loved them. My favorite so far is the mint chocolate (imagine that!). I think my agent said her favorite was the lemon flavor, and my sister seemed to think the salted butter caramel rocked the house. There's definitely something for everyone in terms of flavors, and they are so darned pretty! Take a look at this lovely display at a recent event:

I think I will sleep well tonight.  :)

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