Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Credo sucks

I keep getting suckered into continuing my horrible phone plan with Credo, mostly because I'm too busy or too lazy to switch to a different program. I also don't want to pay the huge fine for breaking my contract and finding a new company. It's not that I'm fighting against the more intelligent phone movement or that I love my flip phone; it's that I keep incorrectly thinking things will get better. Instead, I end up paying too much for extremely limited phone activity. My main complaint with the company is that nobody who works there is precise. For example, the last time I spoke to a representative, he offered me 10 percent off my entire bill if I signed on for another two years. That sounded OK. It's maybe $6.00 off, but I am desperate. Any amount off sounded good to me. What the guy didn't say was that the offer was not for the two years or even one of those years. It was a one-time deal. So I reluctantly signed on thinking I was getting $6.00 off every bill when it was only a savings of $6.00 for the entire two years. It's ridiculous. I suppose I should have asked, but what sane person would think that an offer like that was restricted to only one bill? He didn't say I would get 10% off my NEXT bill; he said the deal was 10% off my bill. This is just one example of MANY that I have had the displeasure of experiencing with this company. All it takes is a little precision to clear up any uncertainty, but this company never offers it. They boast about how much they donate to good causes, but I would rather have a normal phone bill and continue donating to the charities of my choice.

My first phone bill, back when the company was called Working Assets, was $400, because nobody said anything about the restrictions with the plan: no internet, charges for texts, additional charges for going over a certain number of minutes when talking etc., all things that any plan should specify, right? I was used to Cricket, which has a very straight-forward contract with unlimited talking and texts. The person who signed me up made it sound like everything was unlimited. I talked someone at Credo into decreasing the outrageous bill by calling their bluff. When some lady said she wouldn't reduce the bill, she mentioned that she had a recording of each phone conversation and was sure that the person with whom I spoke had mentioned the restrictions, I said, "Awesome. I want to hear exactly what the rep told me about any of this the day I agreed to the contract, so pull it up and let's hear it." I was put on hold. Shortly after, the representative offered me a big discount on the bill without further comment. It was still way more than I should have paid though. I vowed to get everything in writing the next time. Nothing was ever mentioned about limited talking, texts and internet activity, some very important pieces of information. But the 10% thing was both in writing and over the phone. Nowhere did it say for one bill only, but because of my assumption, I now cringe every time I see my phone bill, which is way too high given all the restrictions. Hell, I feel like I can't even talk to people unless it's at some obscure hour! In short, Credo sucks. I would never recommend it.

Enough complaining.

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow. Good luck to all the runners who jump in those turkey trots!


  1. Sorry to hear that, as I have had all good experiences with Credo. And that came after a litany of bad customer service experiences with Sprint. I think they must hate that you cling to that flip phone. ;-)


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