Thursday, December 6, 2012

No shoes

I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in ages. I don't count running shoes as getting new shoes, because those are a necessity, part of my running equipment. My running keeps me sane, so running shoes are an investment in my mental health, not a luxury buy. The last pair of regular shoes I bought was purchased a few months before my first foot surgery. I didn't know that I would never wear them again. They are too narrow for my foot after all the work and the heel is probably a bit too high. Even though they are far from flat, I'm saving my adorable little Bandolinos that I acquired about a year before the surgery, just in case I can ever stuff my wrecked foot into a nice-looking pair again.

Shortly after the surgery, mostly just for fun, I signed up for a free JustFab account. The idea with their website is that you fill out a questionnaire about the kinds of shoes you find appealing, and they create a very special grouping of shoes just for you. My responses clearly indicated that I can't stand those little oddly colored ballerina slippers, and I'm physically incapable of wearing high heels at this time. I selected the category for comfortable, low-heeled shoes and deselected the other categories thinking that I would be shown some elegant but sensible shoes, maybe some Clarks or Danskos. Instead, this is what was suggested, specifically for me:

I don't think I could walk in these, even without the foot issues. 

I wouldn't be caught dead in these. In fact, if I'm dead and anyone sees these shoes on my feet, please promise me you will take them off and offer them to the nearest dog as a chew toy. 

Sexy, yes. Me limping around in them? Not so sexy. 

Ouch again. 

Does this heel look low to you? They at least hit the nail on the head when it comes to cute, but missed the mark on the comfortable part. 

Obviously I will not be buying anything from this justFab selection. Eventually, I will have to buy some new shoes; I just don't know where to go for affordable ones that won't damage my foot. After the bills I got in the mail today, I won't be making purchases at all any time soon.

The cyst on the top of my foot is back. I can't see my doctor until January. This means I would probably have to wait on any shopping sprees in the footwear department anyway.

Somebody please reassure me that I can find a sensible and comfortable shoe like this in the future:

or even this:

so I don't have to wear something like this:

All this talk about shoes makes me wish my finances were better. :/

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