Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Holidaze again

This is my holiday wish list, minus all the obvious ones like world peace or a date with Thom Yorke:

1. An all-expenses-paid trip to the dentist to repair the chipped tooth I have. Kids, when your mom says, "Don't do that with you teeth!" listen to her.

2. A new pair of running shoes.

3. New clothes and underwear. Weird how this kind of gift wasn't as valued when I was little, but now it makes my top 10 list.

4. One of those ultra-fancy ice cream makers.

5. A car that doesn't crap out on me every three months.

6. One of those functioning feet that everyone seems to have that can be used while running or walking, preferably a left one, though I wouldn't mind one of each.

7. Four more months of sunshine and warm temperatures this winter, though it's OK if it snows in the high mountains.

8. A visit from the bill-paying fairy.

9. Magically delivered spare time that I can use for writing.

10. Happiness, love and unicorns for everyone.

If any of the above can't be handed over, I'm OK with chocolate.

This year's favorite holiday songs are the following:

Nice and quiet

Best cover of this song ever!!
Awesome, the EELS!

I still love this one, so I will add it again this year, even though I add it every year.

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