Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mike Sandrock: Diane Israel article

Diane Israel Daily Camera article

Another great article on Diane Israel was written recently. In it, she talks about the fear of success.  From the article: "I left my race in my training," she explained. "I did that all the time. It was an excuse for me not to do well and not be as great as I could be." I have mentioned self-sabotage before, because later in my career I did it too. More than being afraid of success though, I was caught up in my addiction. I started sacrificing the potential of being great on race day for feeling OK the days leading up to the race. In other words, rather than sit with uncomfortable feelings and fears that arise when tapering, I caved into my addiction and OCD patterns. I'm sure there was an aspect of wanting to have something to blame a poor performance on, but it was really about being unable to curb the addiction. 

Diane's film, Beauty Mark, will be showing in Boulder on Wednesday August 29th at 7PM at Shine on 13th street. Admission is $5.00. For those of you who have not seen the movie, I hope you can make it. It is truly a brilliant piece of work. 

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