Tuesday, August 19, 2014

God and Recovery

I'm a member of two online eating disorder recovery groups on Facebook, mostly to offer support to others. It's one way for me to feel like I'm giving back. There are a few of us who are in more than one group, so I see familiar faces posting in each. Most are careful to avoid posting the exact same thing in the various online communities, though. One woman posts multiple times a day in both groups (and probably more), and every post makes a reference to god, Jesus or the bible. Apparently she has no clue that not everyone on the planet believes in her same god.

It makes me uncomfortable to see both groups so cluttered with religious thought when I know for a fact that I'm not the only atheist or agnostic in the forum. I'm sure there are other religions represented as well. More importantly, these clubs should be about recovery, not accepting Jesus into your life, and trust me, in my darkest hour, it wasn't God's face on a piece of toast that motivated me to get well.

I'm not opposed to people using whatever means possible to step out of an illness, but I'm bothered when people try to force their beliefs on others. This was a big reason why I wrote my book. It is fine if you want to talk to ED or pray to God, but remember that you create your own path to recovery. If you want Jesus by your side, that's cool, but if you prefer going it alone, you have every right to do it your way.

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