Thursday, July 27, 2017

Feed - A Short Movie Review

Possible Triggering Content

"Feed" is everything the movie "To The Bone" wishes it could be. Unfortunately, it slid under the radar with all the unnecessary hoopla around the other movie starring Lily Collins. There are still some missteps here and there complete with the usual stereotypes, but "Feed" is far more insightful, artistic and interesting than "To The Bone." It's sort of like comparing a painting by Jeremy Mann to something found at MOBA. Yes, "Feed" is triggering, but it's also far more honest and imaginative than most other movies in this genre. It gives viewers a more accurate feel of what it's like to have an eating disorder but in a unique and stylized way.

I don't think any movie has ever given audiences an accurate idea about the anxiety that comes from eating while struggling with anorexia or any other eating disorder. I have some ideas about how that could be done, but it would be a difficult task. Still, "Feed" did a pretty good job of letting its audience know that anorexia is an irrational and insidious illness.

Troian Bellisario, the writer of the film, used working on the script as a way to address her own experiences with an eating disorder. I think she did a good job of letting others get a very brief look at how troubling and painful living with anorexia can be. She did her best to let viewers know that this illness is less about looks and more about trying to cope with events outside of anyone's control. Eating disorders give sufferers a false sense of control, and the unhealthy behaviors offer some distraction from painful feelings and experiences.

Again, though, what's lacking in this film and most other movies relating to eating disorders is any hopeful message about recovery. I will still recommend this movie over "To the Bone," though.

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