Monday, September 9, 2019

Stumbling Forward

I won another race over the weekend. Don't get too excited. It was a VERY small race, so small, in fact, that I got 2nd overall, but my time wasn't anything spectacular, far from it. The course was actually longer than a 5K, but it's registered as a 5K. I ran just under 24 minutes on a part dirt, part sidewalk three-loop course. It was very fun, and everyone was so very nice.

I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't able to push it more in the second half of the race. I started out with ideas of setting the course on fire and ended with more of a fizzle, but it's another race in the books, which is good.

Going into the race, I was on the tired side and my body a little tweaked. Everything held up OK, but it feels like I might need another shot of cortisone in my foot. The familiar pain sneaks back every month or two. Fortunately, it's nothing major. I just have to watch it, as the more that acts up, the more it affects the rest of my body.

That's it, something short and sweet. Mostly I'm writing to keep track of the races I run, in case I want to look back. 


  1. "Mostly I'm writing to keep track of the races I run, in case I want to look back."

    That's probably the most important thing you wrote, because it exposes you as someone who fully intends to keep plugging away for a while.

    1. As embarrassing as it is to run this slowly after being a lot faster years ago, it's somehow better than pulling the plug entirely.


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