Thursday, November 24, 2011

No Turkey

I was watching American Horror Story last night, my new TV addiction. I love the show. I can't even explain all the reasons why I do, but it was the same things with Nip Tuck. Actually, both shows were created by the same power duo (Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk) as Glee, so they have that in common. There's a draw of good acting, unexpected turns, a bit of horror and even a little cheese factor going on that's highly appealing. Anyway, in the episode last night, one of the main characters is seeing things. Despite her daughter knowing the truth that her mom is really seeing ghosts that she sees too, the young girl doesn't stand by her mom, and nearly everyone, especially the woman's husband, starts to think this lady is crazy or well on her way. I'll skip the bag of worms regarding the daughter choosing her bad-boy lover over her mother for now. Interestingly enough, the mother is well aware that she's not actually crazy, only she has moments of doubt given all the shit going on around her. A Gaslight reference makes the scene complete, as everyone in the audience realizes how easy it is for anyone to accuse a woman of being crazy, no matter what the circumstances. In the words of Oscar Wilde, "Women are made to be loved, not understood." Right? Fuck that. If you don't understand a woman, you're probably not trying hard enough. The idea is that the woman is always at fault, no matter what goes down. She's crazy after all! They all are!

When I had an issue with a relative once, I was shocked when the police officer asked what I did to make him shove me. Actually, I was more than shocked. I was disappointed, offended and appalled that this was happening in Boulder, of all places. I finally understood more completely all those women's studies classes I had taken in college. I will never understand that kind of response though.

It was refreshing when not long ago I went out with a guy who, when asked what happened in his last relationship, didn't respond with the typical, "She's crazy." So often crazy is how guys describe their ex, but it's always a two way street. For every crazy girl, there's a/an_______ boy at the other end. You fill in the blank. I don't care to right now. It does seem that nine out of 10 times, a guy will cite craziness as the reason a relationship ended. I'm always glad when I hear a few people say that they parted on pleasant terms and are still friends. Fortunately I'm friends with most of the guys I have dated. Unfortunately, I think one or two of them might call me crazy. Even though it's in a joking way, it's still kind of pisses me off deep down. At least one of them jokes about it being OK, because he's an asshole. He's really not, but it's funny that he calls himself one. I guess it makes me feel a little better about the crazy remark.

In's list of "Mistakes women make" there are things that both sexes do. In fact, I would say that going back to "bad" significant others definitely applies to both sexes. I had a friend who had this problem. He's too nice, and people took advantage-that type deal. It's not just about women. I've met as many men as women who go back to unhealthy situations. We're human. There is no perfect, and there are many reasons why someone is drawn to another person. Freaking out about casual sex also goes both ways. Just as often, a guy ends up wanting more or ends up not being able to handle the situation. Why it is that feels it's only women who do this is a mystery. The rest were the same- jealousy, making assumptions etc. all stuff that people in general, not just women do, but it's weird how society accepts this. I love posting this video, because it shows why we are so accepting of putting women down. Most of the time we are so used to it that we no longer even recognize that it's happening all around us. We are bombarded by these message all the time.

All this aside, I've had a strange day today. I learned some things that didn't sit well with me. At the same time, I realized that true friends and family are hugely important in my life, not that I didn't recognize that before. Duh. It's more that it becomes more evident in certain situations. Considering it's Thanksgiving, I have to say that I'm incredibly grateful for the people in my life, past and present, who are and have been so supportive.  In the past few years, I haven't done much Thanksgiving related stuff. In fact, a friend of mine and I used to rent movies and get sushi. At the time, we both felt that the holiday was an anorexic's nightmare. Now it's more like any other day, only I like to enjoy not having to work and generally give thanks for various things.

A week from tomorrow I have my 2nd foot surgery. I haven't been able to run like I want, but I'm glad I can still get outside in this unseasonably warm and mild weather. Today I ran with a friend, something I haven't done in what feels like a long time. It made me realize that I need to do it more. It ended up being a good day. I've also been in communication with a local publisher. After I met him randomly at Alfalfa's Market not long ago, we have been discussing my manuscript. I should know more soon. Stay tuned!



  1. Timely...I *just* saw this article:

    I LOVE American Horror Story, btw. I seriously spent all last night after the show ended trying to figure out if Violet is dead or not. She's "evolved" and can tell ghosts to go away? She hasn't been to school in two weeks? Hmm, I'm wondering if that suicide attempt a few episodes ago was actually successful. Thoughts?

    Good luck with your surgery and your manuscript!

  2. Thank you, Meggan!
    Becki! I didn't even think of that, but it makes sense. Wow-that would be quite a twist. Thank you for the article and for the good luck wishes. I'll keep everyone posted. :) x0x0

  3. I'm glad we were able to run (even with my walking breaks) today :) Let me know if you need anything after your surgery!

  4. Thank you so much, Courtney! It was great to see you. I definitely didn't mind the walk breaks and want to run with you again when I start up after the surgery. :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Lize. We don't celebrate that holiday down here, so turkeys are safe .) I'll be thankful when you're back running 'normally' again. Good luck for the surgery!

  6. Thank you, Ewen!
    oh and yay for the safe turkeys! :)


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