Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheese update

I ended up trying the cheese last night. It was nice. The Rosso Di Langa is milder than I expected, but it has a taste reminiscent of a fresh Munster, not to be confused with the Munster in this country that is served sliced with sandwiches. I can see why others suggest hints of hay, but it's all very mild. There's just a touch of nuttiness in there too. If you're expecting something like Epoisses or Pont L'eveque, you might be disappointed both in terms of texture and flavor. It just doesn't have that smooth feel in the mouth, and lacks any real tang or bite. Still, aside from the slightly chewy texture, it's a nice little cheese and offers some subtly complex flavors that build on the palate. I would think that this cheese would be a good one to offer someone who has never tried the champions of the stinky cheese arena. It's a nice introduction, and won't scare anyone away. In fact, it's likely that, once sampled, it will intrigue some into stepping into that wonderfully malodorous world.

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