Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anyone up for a quickie?

I just got back from the podiatrist. It has been a crazy day, and it's not over yet. What concerns me more is tomorrow, when things slow down, and I'm supposed to stay off my foot. Yikes! I had to ask if I could bike, and was relieved when the doc said that biking was completely fine, just no pounding on it. I think I will take three days off it, just to be safe. Apparently, there is the trapped nerve, but there's also a muscle that's in spasm. It was weird, because he could actually feel it. It's sort of a ball that kind of snaps when anyone runs their hands over it, not that I have many people rubbing their hands on my feet or anything. Man, the foot is a complicated appendage. I got two shots of cortisone, and if all goes well, that will be it. If not, we will try one more round to see what happens. Hopefully though, this is the end of the pain! I'm supposed to massage it and keep a heating pad on it, which is way better than ice for me.

So, things feel a little more hopeful in my life again. After that race, I was feeling horribly blue at the thought of not being able to train all that hard with the pain. I am so relieved that there are some options. now to be patient.

October was about the shittiest month I have had in forever, so as much as I hate winter, I'm glad it's November. It's funny (but not in that haha way) that as I was in the shower thinking about all the pain I have had in my life and what's up with that, I took a huge chunk out of my ankle while shaving. Embarrassing. Blood was everywhere. You'd think I hacked a body to pieces in the bathroom, but it was just a nick. Well, it was a big one, but it's not like I cut my foot off or anything. Three band-aids later and all was fine.

I was finally able to get back into a routine again too. I missed two rounds of volunteering at the Humane Society of Boulder, with all that has been going on lately. I was stoked to be there today, because I got all the fun jobs- writing and decorating thank you cards to kids who donated money, packaging gifts for employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and mailing a stack of thank you letters. This was much better than the usual data entry, which I totally don't mind. It's just that the other stuff is so much fun. Plus, it's adorable to see some of the ways kids raise money for the cause. For example, in the past one girl made Duck Tape wallets to sell at her school. The ones I made cards for today had people donate to the Humane Society instead of getting birthday gifts.

I have a meeting with a publisher later in November, and I sent my agent the new manuscript and proposal. I never completed the full editing, but it's still much more polished and complete than it was. I'm hoping someone will take a chance. What a random encounter when I ran into this publisher at Alfalfa's. I often go to Whole Foods for dinner on Sunday, but some shit was hitting a fan somewhere that caused me to be extra short on time. I was thrilled to find a ficelle waiting for me there. I split it into three sections, and ate one there with my dinner. Mmmm crust! As I was finishing up, I noticed a guy next to me talking to another gentleman who had a book that looked familiar. I realized it was the book on the front page of the website a friend sent me to in order to get in touch with this local publisher. I somewhat rudely (but hopefully not obnoxiously) stuck my nose into the conversation, and was quite glad that neither one seemed upset about it. Long story short- the guy with the book was the publisher I had emailed earlier! He asked me about my manuscript, and then said he wanted to take a look. We set a date to meet in person, and I emailed him the proposal, the foreword by Lorraine Moller and some sample chapters. he knows some people at Runner's World too, so if he can't take it on, he might be able to point me in the right direction. So Cool!!!

Ooo- I have to run. So much more to do today. Wah- and I feel like sitting and doing nothing. I'm so glad I can be around to help my mom now that she is out of the hospital. Everything is so much better now that she is on the mend. That means I need to dash though. More later...


  1. Yes. But I'm a slowie at responding this week (snowed under at work). Good to read that things are looking up, especially re your foot and mum. Read your 10k report. I'm sure you won't take long to return to racing mode once the foot pain goes away.

    Can relate to the runner sitting on you in the race... I find 'noisy breathers' especially annoying. I've actually slowed to a jog to force them ahead in a couple of races.

  2. Hehe.

    Thank you so much, Ewen! Ahh- I might have to try that if I get someone breathing down my neck again. :)


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