Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sing it!

I'm just getting used to the new blogger format. Humm. Not sure if I like it, but like with the facebook changes, there's not a whole lot one can do but accept it.

In an effort to post more than once a week this week, I'm cheating by putting up another video.

There are times I wish I could sing. I guess everyone has moments of wishing they were a rock star, Prima ballerina or professional origami maker.   ?  Anyway, if I could sing like this lady, I would be pretty stoked:


  1. She's good. Clever video too. How did they get that cat to walk down the path at the end?!

    I can't sing either (except in the car with the windows wound tightly up).

  2. They must have promised the cat a some Friskies treats or something! I know my cat would have cut through the grass. :)

    Oh, I am a rock star when it comes to singing along with the radio when nobody is looking or in the car. It's always embarrassing when I get caught or forget I have the windows rolled down.


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