Saturday, May 21, 2011

Be Too Much

People always seem surprised to find out that runners are people too. I mean they are human. For some reason, runners more than most other athletes, are expected to act like heroes, doing no wrong and saving the planet all while running 100 miles a week. And women are expected to be all little miss can't do wrong, but runners are merely people too-faults and all. It's great that there have been many true life super people in the running world. I just think it's bizarre that athletes, actors or anyone in the media is expected to act like a role model. I did think it was funny that a local news station did a full on report about a marathoner who apparently likes to get a little crazy dancing after hours. Good for her though. She shouldn't have to explain herself just because she happens to also be a fast runner.

I'm glad the last few days I have felt less ravenous. For some reason, earlier in the week, I felt like I wanted to dive into a big bowl of cereal, float around on a cornflake and leisurely munch away at the cereal below.  It was too soon to be wandering into PMS land, so I assume it was more due to increasing the running a little bit.

Speaking of running, I went to the track today. After a really short warm up, while still in my warm-up jacket, I ran a 7:40 mile in the wind and partly in the 2nd lane when I had to make way for two extraordinarily fast guys doing a super human workout. I probably should have done some strides or something before, but I wasn't aiming to set any records out there. I did't run all out, more just wanted to feel what it would be like to go a bit harder. I'm not even sure I could go all out running at this point. After the mile effort, I met a really sweet girl who was doing 800's, so I jumped in one with her, hoping she wouldn't lap me in the two loops around the track! She finished way ahead of me, cheering me to the end. I laughed, and told her how embarrassed I was.  I'm glad I didn't time it, because I think it was over 3.5 minutes. Yikes. I also knew I should  call it a workout, despite my head wanting to do more.  Part of me is very excited to run, but part of me knows where I am now and how far down the road actual running really is. Still, I ran an hour total today- my longest run yet, so it's a start. I just have to watch the imbalances in other areas, because those came out to play today. Rehab should help though.

Lately I've been thinking about all the limitations I put on myself throughout my life when it comes to diet. In addition to flat out restricting in general, I was also a vegetarian for a little bit, and I gave the vegan thing a try too. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well as a vegan, and almost immediately started feeling better once I added meat back into the mix. I admire those who choose a diet more for ethical reasons than simply to lose weight. In honor of all the vegans out there, I ate a tofu dog last night, and, while it wasn't horrible, it wasn't quite satisfying. So I added some cheese on top. Oops.  :/  As much as I admire those who are able to go vegan, I can't imagine going without dairy. My friend and I talked about it, and we came up with a list of things we would give up before giving up cheese. It might shock everyone, but chocolate was on both his list and mine. Yes, I could give up chocolate before giving up cheese! But giving up chocolate doesn't do a whole lot of good for the environment or any animals who might be living in not so great conditions, while giving up dairy possibly could. So now I have this moral dilemma in my head every time I pass the cheese section at the store. Sigh.

I'm cutting this short and in mid thought, because even though the end of the world is supposedly approaching, I still feel obligated to not be late for work.


  1. A workout! Awesome. Congrats on a little step back to healthy running.

  2. There are so many reasons to be happy the world didn't end today. One of them is that I want to be able to continue reading your blog. Another is that some smart person still has the opportunity to publish your book!

  3. Thank you both so much! What a great ending to a day that was supposed to be the end. :)

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