Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I can't seem to snap out of this fatigue. It leads to SO much procrastination. Wow.

Perhaps staying up into the wee hours writing and reading isn't helping. Now that my foot is phucked, I guess I'm lacking motivation to put a ton of effort into training. On some level, I'm glad I can joggle- I think that's the term for jogging with a little wobble from the limp. I noticed that I've still got a bit of atrophy going on in my left ankle. That probably doesn't help matters. In short, I'm feeling a tad defeated.

Recently, I picked up Andre Agassi's book called "Open." My brother suggested it some time ago. So far, I am really liking it. It is *well written, which adds to why I like it. Lately, because I'm rewriting my manuscript (yes, again!) I've been paying attention to writing styles more. Not to put anyone down, but with all the self publishing and blogging going on, anyone can become an author or writer. What I've noticed is that readers are generally quite forgiving as long as the content is good. Sometimes I'm fascinated by what does and doesn't generate a following in terms of blogs. It's not necessarily outstanding writing that causes a stir. However, when great writing meets intriguing content, that's when things become interesting. Really good bloggers don't need a ton of photos, and they can often create fantastic imagery simply by combining the right words. I love anyone who can naturally toss together words in ways most people would never think of doing. I'm desperately drawn to those who can throw out a great simile or metaphor without hesitation. I usually have to think about those kinds of things. I also rely heavily on a thesaurus but really wish I were the type who could think of seven different words to use in a situation BOOM like that. Of course, I would then love to select the absolute perfect one. Every now and then, I get on a roll, and I have a moment of writer's genius. However, sometimes a few days later I realize that what I wrote no longer seems so brilliant.  

I'm generally one who doesn't use quotes, except to set the tone of each of the chapters in my book. It's rare that I post any on facebook, even though I have a long list of them in the quote section of my "about me" page. Here's one I love, exactly for the reasons I mentioned above. It's not often that anyone would throw fabulous and disaster together, but in this case it works so fucking well.

"But Sidney's more than a mere bass player. He's a fabulous disaster. He's a
symbol, a metaphor, he embodies the dementia of a nihilistic generation.
He's a fuckin' star." - Sid and Nancy (Malcolm)

I often get caught up in listening to lyrics. It can be the same phenomenon as with writing. Sometimes great lyrics can make a good tune even better, and sometimes (sorry 3OH3 "do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips" kills the song for me) what is being said can ruin the song. Other times, who knows what is being said or what the song is about, it just sounds good. I believe in the case of Radiohead, Thom could be singing about taking a dump, and it would sound amazing.

According to Thom Yorke, this song was originally three songs but contains four distinct parts. Though people speculate about the meaning and reference "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", Thom explains that the lyrics came to him at 5AM one morning after what was supposed to be a fun night that turned into the lead singer being surrounded by what has been referred to as "parasitic scene stalkers, intent on extracting every pound of Yorke-flesh." The words came to him, unrelenting, almost as if God had spoken them. Ultimately, the song is about chaos. I admit that I love that when radio stations asked the band for a shorter version, Radiohead refused to edit the song down. Remember when 6-minute songs didn't seem so long? While there's obviously deeper thought that went into the song, Thom insists that, " Basically it's just about chaos, chaos, utter fucking chaos."

Well, I better get back to the rewriting. Apparently I got a little off track on this post, but updates about the book, my foot and life in general to come. Sometimes it's good to get a little distracted with other things, and wow can I get lost in off topic affairs!

*Just a note that Agassi had some help with the writing. J.R. Moehringer was the one who helped put the book together. 


  1. Good luck with getting some earlier nights.

    A mate of mine is having some pretty serious ankle troubles (his limping style might be worse than yours!). He's at the stage of seeing a surgeon to get it 'fused' (which apparently stops the pain). The bloke doing the op is very good and sees it as his duty to get people back to their sport. He did the same op for another runner I know who ran the marathon 'pain free'.

    I like it when good subject matter and good writing come together. That makes the reading a pleasure.

  2. Thank you, Ewen. I just finished up the rewrites and sent the manuscript to my agent!

    I hope your buddy can find something that helps his ankle. Too bad he doesn't live around here. we could have a limp off. ;)