Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Short stories

From short films to short stories, here are three stories that I would suggest:

Swing Time by Kevin Beck:
"Two young, cheerful layabouts transform lazy dreams of making a big splash -- literally -- into an all-consuming endeavor: to secretly build the world's largest operational rope swing. In the process, they are themselves transformed from self-defeating ne'er-do-wells into something else entirely."

The Constant Observer by Beth White:


"Written from the perspective of a cat, this story addresses alcoholism in relationships. When a kitten is adopted by a somewhat functional alcoholic, the young feline is able to watch the self destruction of a troubled man." 

She Was Once A Runner by Anonymous:


“She Was Once a Runner” gives an honest account of a female long distance runner on a Division I college scholarship and the resultant pressure cooker in which she lives. The memoir explores the physical and psychological effects of the Female Athlete Triad on a nineteen year old girl struggling to find her identity amidst a toxic team environment and discouraging parents. 

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