Friday, May 25, 2012


Oh, never mind. I had a little post that got deleted, but I got it back.

I've been sick all week. Wow. I have had a fever and felt really crummy the first part of the week. I took three days completely off and haven't really been able to get back into things fully yet. Man, I was dragging. What's weird is that I felt like I was eating more while sick than when healthy and active. I guess the fever and stress require extra calories or something. Who knew sleeping in bed could count as a workout? It's fine, because I can't worry about what I'm eating when I'm sick. I crave sweets and comfort food and generally don't have the energy to fight it when my body is working on getting well.

The good news is that I am slowly starting to feel better, though things are a bit of a mess in my head. I seem to get emotionally and mentally down when physically down. Plus, my first outing yesterday (I'm not actually going to call it a run) didn't go that well. My foot is still very sore. I'm still struggling with things not going as planned down there.

So, another video for you all, but I promise that a real blog post is in the works. I'm tossing together some ideas about kids and running.

In the meantime, here's a reminder that when you least expect it, expect it:

And a random one just for the hell of it:

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