Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Writer's obstruction

I'm having a little bit of writer's block. Well, it's not a complete blockage; my writing is just constipated. My thoughts are distracted, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. There are several projects that need my attention, but my focus is somewhere in space.

This article left me scratching my head. I could post a bunch of articles like this one or reference several studies and surveys pointing to eating disorders in lower income families to counter Michaela's misconceptions about the illness, but I think most people who have studied eating disorders even a little bit know how ridiculous statements like hers sound. Any time someone tries to over simplify a complex issue, the results are usually questionable, and in Michaela's case, some of the things she claims are really far off base. I will just leave it by saying that I'm stunned that anyone who has gone though the illness would claim it's a "middle-class disease." Clearly there's something lacking in her research if that's the conclusion she came to after battling anorexia. I'm confused by her comment about African mothers too, because Africa is a pretty big continent. I can't imagine every mother in every single country there behaving the same way or having the same parenting philosophy. 

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I've been thinking about advertising and how desensitized the viewing audience has become lately. Wait, let me back up a little bit... I don't want to go there yet.

The other day some kid came into the place where I work and started saying some pretty disrespectful things about a piece of art in the gallery. There were other people shopping there, and while I'm fine with free speech, I'm not OK with anyone making a fucking scene, putting everyone else in an uncomfortable situation. I told him to was OK to have an opinion, but requested that he keep his derogatory comments down, as in nobody wants to hear you yelling about what you think, good or bad. In front of his father, he not only spoke to me in an exceptionally condescending manner but rolled his eyes and at one point came close to mocking me. I didn't handle it exactly the way I wanted, but I was firm without being an asshole. Looking back, I really, really wish I would have stepped into the asshole role and demanded that the brat leave. My boss would have done that, no question. She would have added a few choice words too. I mean, who the fuck does this kid think he is? It might be a bit of a stretch, but I have a feeling that this punk wouldn't have reacted the way he did had a guy been doing the talking. What pissed me off the most is the kid's pussy father who stood there and watched his offspring behave like a schmuck and didn't do a fucking thing. Now I wish I would have gone into a rant about ignorance and proper behavior instead of attempting to be rational with a reptile.

I'm upset because it's part of a trend I'm seeing more and more. I believe it has to do with two things: the laissez-faire attitude most parents seem to have when raising kids and this anything goes atmosphere created by the media.

What is it with people lately? I'm kind of disgusted.

Now that I have backed up, I don't feel like going forward. I guess this will be a two part post. I'm avoiding writing about running, which isn't going too well. I'm glad I can get out, but I have lost my motivation. I'm trying to focus on improvement rather than the little pains here and there.

While I try to compose some coherent sentences for the next post, please enjoy the following: Bernstein: A Letter From Lance Armstrong « CBS Chicago

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