Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I honestly have no idea how and why people post multiple times a day in their blogs.

Obviously I'm in a bit of a blogging funk right now, so rather than post a bunch of blah blah, I'm posting another video for your enjoyment. I will be back.


  1. No doubt. I've tried to post twice a week but sometimes I really don't have the time! Hope you are feeling much better.

  2. Thank you! I'm definitely on the mend.

    I still won't post three times a day though. ;)

  3. Amazing video. How do they think up something like that?! The sound reminded me of Massive Attack. I'd never subscribe to someone who blogged three times a day - that's way too much reading!

  4. I know! I can't even imagine blogging that much. I wouldn't want to document every aspect of my life anyway, and people don't need to know what I eat for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

    Ooo I love this song. I definitely hear the similarities between this and Massive Attack, yes. :)


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