Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's talk about Sex

Things have been hectic lately. My car was in the shop, and there are some other issues disrupting my thoughts in a big way.

So I thought I would talk about sex and chocolate. ha!

Some time ago, back when I was doing a bit more serious training with a group, a few of us were cooling down after a track workout. We tended to have interesting conversations, and someone brought up horses. Oh wait- this is coming out all wrong. Let me clarify that this part has nothing to do with sex or chocolate! Anyway, two of the girls started comparing people in our group to what horse they would be. For example, Katie would be a thoroughbred, as she is fast and graceful with long legs. There were two strong and powerful girls who always got the job done, so we decided that would translate to a quarter horse in the equine world. My coach at the time was a work horse, but I couldn't figure out what I would be. Finally I asked, and without hesitation, one of the girls said, "Oh, you're an Arab, no doubt." I laughed, and then realized she was right. Shit! The thing about Arabs is that they are a little neurotic, but have endurance. They're unpredictable. When they're on, they're really fucking on, but when they're not, it's an exquisite disaster. She was right. Even my Chinese horoscope insists that those born on my birthday are destined for great success or spectacular failure. I guess I've had a little of both.

The other thing that my Chinese horoscope suggests is that those born on my birthday are intellectually attracted to people. Debate is like foreplay, and a heated discussion can be a turn-on. However, there's more to it than that, of course, as sex is a physical activity. It's like training, only more exciting. I view it almost like a sport. Well, maybe not quite, but it's a good idea to wait an hour after eating before jumping in, don't you think? There was something in my Western horoscope that mentioned compatibility. I'm not sure if these things are true or have any validity, but supposedly an Aquarius paired with a Sagittarius (go figure) is an event that could excite an audience. The exact phrase had something to with with charging admission. The reason I brought up the horse thing is because I also tend to be a little unpredictable when it comes to my sexual appetite. In general though, I have an overly high sex drive. This is the opposite of most of the other girls I ran with. In fact, in another cool down run not long after the horse conversation, a few of the other girls complained that their significant others whined about them having a low sex drive.

It's understandable that training hard can lead to fatigue, and that can affect libido. It's odd that with all my hormonal imbalances and blood tests showing low levels of hormones I would still end up being in the mood more than the average person. But then on rare occasions, my desire drops, and I want to be left alone. Sure, it's fairly rare, but fatigue and a lack of a sex drive can hit me hard. It usually doesn't last, but it happens. The few times where sex really wasn't on my mind was when I was sick with the meningitis and also any time after the surgeries I've had. I guess it's kind of a good thing, because sex to me is a bit of an adventure. It's probably good that I wasn't in the mood while my body was trying to heal and recover. It's a similar thing when you're so sick that you don't feel like running. In some cases, it's a good thing to lose desire in order to achieve solid rest. I should clarify that while I set a record for the longest streak of celibacy ever when I was severely anorexic, I didn't actually lose my desire. I often wonder how other athletes are in this area. Some people have had funny ideas that resisting sex would give a person power in a sport. I can't say I believe this, and haven't found any proof in terms of actual studies. There's no physiological evidence that suggests that refraining from sex can improve performance anyway, so if anyone was worried, go ahead and bang away!

Another odd thing is that with a not so good body image, I never felt overly restricted in getting naked around someone who expressed mutual attraction. There was a time when I was amazed that anyone could find me attractive or my body anything other than disgusting. Sex wasn't as much fun back then, of course, but I still craved it. Now I don't think of it as much. I like my body more now than I did in the past, flaws and all. I'm still floored when anyone even notices me, but I realize that attraction is really not all physical. It took a long, long time before I could accept my body at a higher weight though. As hard as it was letting of of the elite status as an athlete, letting go of the identification of being an anorexic was equally hard if not harder. I still sometimes struggle with it, though not in any limiting way.
Well, onto other things...but first this:
beck- sexx laws:

Mmmmm Chocolate! I recently tried the Poco Dolce Bittersweet chocolate, olive oil and sea salt bar. The bittersweet chocolate is just right-not too sweet and no trace of that bitterness that can grab your taste buds in a shocking way. This chocolate lends itself well to the earthy flavor of the California olive oil. I remember once trying a white chocolate and dried olive bar by Vosges that was excellent, but it's not just the flavor that enhances the medium dark chocolate, it's the oiliness of the olive oil added to the chocolate that makes the texture oh so smoooooth. It;s sexy and silky and very addicting. It gives a richness without the feeling of overindulgence. The balance is perfect. That little bit of gray sea salt emerging here and there is just enough to bring out the chocolate flavor, not compete with it. The hazelnut bittersweet bar was good too, but the flavor was a bit more subtle. I like a strong hazelnut flavor, and some texture with it. The idea behind these bars is that they are smooth, and this hazelnut bar certainly is. However, if there's no crunch, I would have preferred the hazelnut to attack my taste buds with a little bit more power. Still, both bars were exceptional.

The foot is very up and down, but PT is helping. I had a great run Monday, but yesterday it was sore at the end of my run. It's stiff, but hopefully no pain today. Whewww.

What an odd post. Oh well. I'm weird.

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