Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Quickie

I'm not in the mood to write much lately. I hate when there's a big issue pressing on my brain, and my response is to want to crawl in a hole. Whatever. My point is that this will be brief.

After taking too much Aleve when I got the dose wrong, my stomach has been a mess. My foot felt great! I have also set new records sleeping. For example, I took a 2 hour nap on Monday, and also went to bed early. I'm off the Aleve, which is better for my stomach, but not so good for my foot. It seems to be a catch 22, but I'll take the foot pain over the storm in my stomach. I mention this, because I had planned to do a race this weekend, and that's definitely out of the question. Actually, I'm bailing for other reasons too, not just the unbelievable cost of the event or the foot or the angry alien in my stomach who, fortunately, seems to be resting more lately. I'm bailing because I just fucking am. Speaking of bailing, because I am off the Aleve, I tried to stick my foot in an ice bath. Yeah, I would rather stab myself in the eye with a chopstick than try that again. It almost made me cry, and I lasted about a minute before I couldn't take it anymore. I can't believe I used to sit in a cold whirlpool or ice baths in college. I think I was the only one on the cross country team who would wear a bathing suit with my winter attire on the top half in order to survive standing or sitting in the cold water. Still, no wonder I vowed to never do that again! Sigh. But the swelling does cause that nervy stuff to flair up, so it ends up being quite painful. It's better, but not quite there yet. Poo.

In other news, I am looking for an editor. I've contacted a few, but haven't heard back yet. I'm sort of in a hurry, so if anyone knows somebody who is good, details please.

And finally something more interesting:

I really like what Bobby McGee has to say about racing. It's something that he tried to teach me long ago, but I'm just learning now. Of course there are all these trite sayings about "it" being about the process, but in terms of racing --and probably in other areas of life as well-- it's essential to focus on carrying out the task, not the outcome. Being attached to to the outcome or having expectations can lead to a disaster in a race. You can easily end up psyching yourself out. If, instead, the focus is on DOING or, as Bobby puts it, the execution, chances are things will go more smoothly. Of course, there are other factors to racing well- a calm mind, good visualization, proper training and confidence in that training, but by having attention in the right area, it can help make for better results (even though the end results are not the main focus).

OK, that's it for now. Hopefully I will be out of this funk soon and back to some posts with a bit more substance.

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