Thursday, August 25, 2011


All of a sudden things are opening up, and I'm feeling a little better. I'm still opting out of the race for many reasons, but I figure there will be plenty to choose from in the future. My stomach isn't quite 100 percent, but it's much better. My foot without the Aleve is doing OK, and I finally have some options with editing my manuscript, which is the biggest relief in a weird way.

I wish I had some fun or cool workouts to post, but this week was more just trying to hang in there. I did do one of my favorite trail runs yesterday. It's funny, because that run used to be my big, huge, gigantic long run, and now it's more like a longish, but doable one. Still, anything over an hour still feels like it's on the long side. I'm not sure why this is, but I have had two songs embedded in my brain for the last few days and carried them with me on several runs.

This one:
                                                          Best version of Mahna Mahna ever!

And this one:

Speaking of Muppet songs, this is kind of cool.

Last year, I went to run this 4 mile race, but I had missed it by a day. I did some kind of harder workout on my own instead after figuring out that the area was looking like a ghost town for a reason, not just because I was a tad early. It was listed on a few race calendars for a Thursday, but they switched the day to a Wednesday instead. They must have had some complaints, because it is back to the usual Thursday night, TONIGHT. It's an interesting race, as it's the oldest benefit race in Colorado. The course is fun with a nice downhill to start and hill to climb coming back to the finish, which is just a little bit past the start line. It's on both the street and dirt roads.There's another event going on tonight that caught my eye. I have some other things planned, but both these events are worth checking out. I have to run to the Humane Society today, so I'm going to cut this short and go do my foot exercises. However, I'll add one more charity event coming up in Sept: A 10 percent donation to the humane society will be given with the purchase of certain works by several artists at SmithKlein Gallery.

AAK! It's late.

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