Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Terence “TJ” Doherty

I seem to be wading through molasses lately. Maybe this is what a particle lost in the Higgs field feels like.

Things feel foggy and dream-like but far too real, and while I'm holding steady, all things considered, I'm sensing how hard times are for those around me. Colorado has had a tough summer, and now tragedy has hit closer to home with the passing of an exceptional individual, a friend to many here in Boulder. Sometimes I'm just too sad to put words together in any profound or interesting way. I almost feel that I don't have the right to write about someone I met only a few times. On the other hand, I guess it goes to show what an influence a class act like Terrence can have on the people he encountered. There's a palpable sadness lingering in the air around here. I believe that there are certain people who are able to touch others no matter how brief the encounter. There are so many who feel the loss in our little community, from runners to friends and coworkers. This is a man who will be missed. Every time I saw him, he was smiling and looked content. His positivity was infectious.

Of course during times like this, the unfairness of life is evident. Dealing with so many addicts at various times, I've gone through life preparing for the bad news to come. When it arrives out of the blue and involves someone outside of my circle of worry, someone who seems to have a zest for living and a bright future, it somehow hits harder. Then again, how many times is death ever fair or easy to bear?

My deepest sympathy goes out to all of Terence's friends and family. 

A few others have written some nice posts in remembrance of a rare and radiant being. Here are two of them:

If anyone would like to help, I have included some donation information:


Three memorial funds have been setup on behalf of Terence in order to offset medical and funeral expenses; two have been established in CO and one in OH. Adrienne and the Doherty family are aware of these accounts. Please see below for information regarding how you can donate.


To contribute to the Terence “TJ” Doherty Memorial Fund make checks out to:
Terence Doherty Sr.
Flatirons National Bank
1095 Canyon
Boulder CO 80302

To contribute to the Adrienne Herzog Support Fund, please make checks out to: 
Molly Rector
Flatirons National Bank
1095 Canyon
Boulder CO 80302


A memorial fund to help offset medical and funeral expenses for the family has been set up in T.J.’s name at PNC Bank in Delhi (information below). The Delhi Fire Department, where T.J.’s brother and father serve as part-time firefighters, is also selling bracelets for the same purpose. If you would like to donate to this cause, please either stop by the PNC Bank in Delhi or mail your donation to:

Nick Lahni (Elder ’77) at:
T.J. Doherty Memorial Fund
c/o Precision Autobody Inc.
4333 Mayhew Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45238


  1. Lize - thanks for posting this information on the memorial funds. Good to know.

  2. Great post in honor of T.J. - his family, friends, and the community affect are all in our prayers

  3. Thanks Lize, beautifully written.

    1. My thoughts are still with you and your family.


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