Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies!

I get excited about both cheese and chocolate. I know some can relate and some find it odd, but I can't help myself. After posting about chocolate bunnies, somebody sent me TWO bunnies to sample. I was so incredibly touched.

Here is the report:

I tried the Orchid Vanilla Bunny from Vosges first. Vosges is a company that is known for all the exceptionally exotic chocolate bars that contain everything from chili pepper to bacon. I think I have determined that bacon and chocolate is not obnoxious, but falls more in the category of interesting at best. A friend of mine thinks that the Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar is something that causes spontaneous orgasm. I'm not of that opinion. Not long ago a few of us tried a bacon chocolate caramel concoction from a different company, and we all found it to be wrong, very wrong.

Back to the bunny...

This little guy is solid dark chocolate and almost too cute to eat. I honestly had a hard time, simply because of the cuteness factor. The flavors are excellent though. The vanilla is powerful, but doesn't mask the chocolate. Instead, these flavors blend and build with the chocolate and vanilla enhancing each other. There are some subtle other flavors too, but I think it's more a combination of the chocolate and vanilla that makes this bunny outstanding. It's intriguing, and the quality of the chocolate and the ingredients in general are phenomenal. I absolutely loved it. It's a very sophisticated version of the Easter Bunny, but I do believe even kids would like it. 

The other bunny I tried was the classic Easter Bunny by Lake Champlain. it was, indeed, a classic bunny. This thing is solid chocolate! I got the milk chocolate bunny, and while it was a little bit sweeter than I expected, the quality of the chocolate was obvious. The flavor was well balanced, and this is the kind of chocolate that is addicting. Of course the fact that it is milk chocolate makes it nice and creamy. Lake Champlain is a company that is consistently good when it comes to chocolate. I have yet to try something that I don't like by them.

I had so much fun with the taste test. Thank you to my friend who sent these! That was incredibly sweet- literally too!    :)

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