Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three Cheers!

This is awesome- Some high school students from the Boulder area are in D.C. to lobby for the FREED Act. This is a bill that addresses eating disorders. It's hugely important, because the federal bill would potentially push for more research on eating disorders and bring to the forefront how severe these illnesses are. Through this, better treatment and illness prevention methods could be provided. Kitty Westin, a woman who lost her daughter to anorexia and an advocate for eating disorders awareness, feels that passing the FREED Act is the first step in addressing what she considers to be an emergency, as more and more people die from these illnesses.

The teens from this area are part of a group I have mentioned before called the Boulder Youth Body Alliance. According to at least one member of the group, BYBA provides a safe place where teens can discuss body issues. This is a key step in the prevention of eating disorders. I'm so proud of these youngsters, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that their lobbying efforts will be rewarded. Kudos to them!!

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