Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Facebook Fun

I pulled this from an old facebook note called "25 random things about yourself." That was back when surveys and games were more the norm on facebook, which reminds me that I'm due to start up a game of scrabble with someone sometime soon. I'm getting a little better about letting go, so I guess some things do change with a little work- other things not so much. Heh.

I'm not tagging anyone. If you want to play cool, if not, not a big deal. 25 things about you, or in this case, me.

1. I should be working at the moment.

2. I have a horrible habit of throwing my heart at people who have no interest in catching it.

3. Music makes my world go round.

4. Pirates and the whole pirate mentality are f'ing cool.

5. People who have to continually say, "I'm so (fill in the blank..spiritual, smart, nice, honest, good with kids etc)" annoy me.

6. When I was little, I was convinced that one day I would make things move with my mind.

7. My resolution this year was to tell people who suck to F off more.

8. I love sunshine and mild weather and have no problem complaining in a huge way when it's cold.

9. All this waiting for my book to be published is making me grumpy.

10. I have an irrational fear of many things including spiders, death and severe cold (I'm obviously avoiding one that everyone knows about me here)

11. Facebook pilfers massive amounts of my daily time in small increments. It's worse than a heroin addiction.

12. When people in Boulder ask if the faux fur on my chic little outfit is real, I long to tell them that it is and that I killed the animal myself with my bare hands.

13. there are a lot of things to come up with to reach 25...onward...

14. If I didn't have a heart valve leak, I would consume much more chocolate than I currently do.

15. I miss horse back riding.

16. I'm generally quite lazy and should have been born a cat, so that I could take many, many naps.

17. I actually like my job and the people who work with me.

18. Sometimes, I do shamanistic ceremonies and other things that make people think I'm nuts.

19. Radiohead is my all time favorite band, even though I'm in the habit of saying "this is one of my all time favorite bands" in regard to many, many oh so many bands.

20. It worries me that I have an addiction to shrimp rolls that look so obviously phallic. I also have an addiction to peanut butter..and cereal though, so maybe it's harmless.

21. I have dyslexia, so reading is painfully slow. However, I still love books.

22. Spell check is my God and I worship her to no end.

23. I have a love hate relationship with myself.

24. It takes me longer than the average person to get things through my thick skull, but that's mostly because I'm stubborn and will continue attempting the impossible or the obviously insane despite many repeated failures. Generally it has to nearly kill or at least break me in order for me to consider letting go.

25. (whewww) Several people already know that I have at least one other alias.

26. ok since I sort of skipped 13, I'll add too that running was once the only thing in my life and I did set some records etc. And I kinda miss that, but I kinda don't.