Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rough day

I spent a good part of the day in urgent care yesterday. After getting through a run and heading to work, I started to feel a bit wonky. I've been struggling with some minor stomach pains and other issues the last week or so, but I thought I had turned a corner. Then, out of the blue, I felt like I was going to pass out while working. My co-worker insisted on driving me to urgent care, and I'm glad she did.  

It turns out I was dehydrated. I was annoyed when the doctor asked me about my history, bringing up my eating disorder. The implication was clear that he assumed I had been throwing up, and that really upset me. I insisted that it wasn't the case. Um, I'm sick, not bulimic, but with an eating disorder in my past, I get those kinds of accusations a lot. It doesn't matter that I have a fever, havn't thrown up, haven't been to the doctor in forever or have had some tummy problems since my last race; all that matters is that anorexia is in my medical history. That's all the doctors tend to see, and all kinds of assumptions are made based on that. 

I also got pissed off when some idiot at the store cut me off after I got my prescriptions. Nothing like having to drive yourself to the pharmacy after almost passing out and spending the day strapped to an IV. Because I was feeling so weak and nauseated, I was sticking close to the counter while heading toward the exit. Actually, I was following the natural flow of traffic, people heading out on the right, and people who were entering hugging the left side. I really don't understand it, but this fucking lady decided that she wanted to go from the left side to the right, cutting me off in the process. I was forced to stop with her trying to squeeze between me and the counter with her fucking hand basket. I had to stagger out to the left side to get around her. Now, there was an entire wide walkway on the left, so I just don't get why she would do something like that. It was some kind of power trip or something, but when I'm really, really sick, I have little patience for that kind of crap. I was not at all kind with my sarcastic choice of words to her. I probably should have let it go and realized that she has a severe problem, but I wasn't feeling well enough to catch myself. 

So, after all this excitement with getting my book out there and with my running coming along too, I'm now stuck in bed for who knows how long. Well, the only good thing about being sick is getting to eat cookies for breakfast. It seems that cookies are the only thing my stomach can handle this morning besides ginger ale. 

Sigh. This is a bummer. At least I'm on the mend though. Yesterday was the worst part of it, and now I just have to ride it out until I'm back on my feet. For now, it's back to bed for me. 

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