Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Wow, it's really hard to write a blog post about bliss when the state of Colorado is ablaze. It looks like the gates of Hell have opened in some areas, especially Colorado Springs. My heart is so heavy lately, not just because of the fires. I'm exhausted from worrying and from wonky hormone levels.  being so distracted makes it hard to focus.

Bliss. Well, at this point, not getting my period every two weeks would be bliss. Actually, I was thinking that bliss somehow implies happiness and comfort. Chocolate comes to mind. You need chocolate to experience bliss...or an orgasm might accomplish a state of bliss. To me, bliss is something more than just your average feel good moment.

JEEZ my head is a blank. Seriously, I guess I'm going to give in and post a bunch of pictures.


Naps. Mmmmmmm pure bliss

Chocolate!! Bliss is not the same as decadent, but eating decadent desserts can lead to a state of bliss, no?

Crusty bread and butter. Ohhhhhh yessss this will make me feel blissful.

Pretty fruit

I'm amazed how badly my brain has flat-lined. Wow this sucks.  sigh...

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