Sunday, June 10, 2012


If you want to piss off a woman, just tell her she's too emotional in the middle of a fight. Actually, that might only make her roll her eyes, because most women know by now that it's something said only when the other person doesn't have anything significant to say. But what is being TOO emotional? What does that even mean? As I mentioned in the "Crazy" post, people use these kinds of put downs when they can't think of anything real to say. What I am a little confused about is why being emotional is considered a bad thing. I'd rather be overly emotional than a lump of cold stone. I don't mean that it's appropriate to go overboard in showing people every single emotion at every moment of the day, more that being real is more appealing to me than pretending nothing affects me. The big problem, especially when it comes to eating disorders, is that suppressing emotion can lead to disordered behavior. Think about it, we "stuff" our feelings with food or deny ourselves, so that we can focus on the pain of hunger rather than any emotional pain. How can not being emotional be a good thing? I suppose it's people who are afraid of their own emotions who toss that out the most. 

"Give me real, don't give me fake." 

I feel like I'm repeating myself in this post, so I'm going to cheat again. I'm finding that blogging daily is a bit too much for me. Maybe it's like training, in that it's better to have some rest days. I don't know, but I can say that after June, I will go back to blogging a bit less. I'm glad I'm doing the challenge, because it's a learning experience. However, I'm just not able to write well when the topic is forced and there are strict time constraints. I also sense quite a lot of videos, quotes and pictures in the days to come.

Here's an interesting (?) cartoon video about reason and emotion, suggesting how emotion is Baaaaaadddd. I suppose being a ball of pure emotion without reason probably wouldn't be so good. However, I think there's some confusion between impulse and emotion in parts of it. It's interesting that emotion is equated with sluttty, gluttonous behavoir, again implying that emotion is some terrible overwhelming driving force in our lives, and if we don't squash it down, all kind of havoc will be wreaked. The truth is that experiencing emotion is perfectly fine and natural. While there are some interesting points made in the film, it's not teaching us that we can move through emotions in a healthy way. We don't have to get stuck in them or give them too much power, but we can still experience them in a healthy way. What might be lost in this film is the idea that emotions are a result of our hormones as much as anything. "We are our hormones," so to speak. Emotions are feelings that relate to mood, behavior, physiology and even personality. To eliminate emotion would make the world a very dull place.

Oh come knew it was coming. I can't resist. hehe:

Jeez, I have been emotional lately. Mostly I'm exhausted, but my emotions are a little out of whack too. Considering my period is now regularly every two weeks, I'm sure my hormones are a mess as well. I should probably get that checked.


  1. I'm running every day - much easier than blogging every day! And I don't have to think about having a rest day ;) Those EMOs are scary. Ah, think you mean 'piss off a woman' ;)

  2. Haha- I did mean that. I will correct. :) I used to not need rest days, but now I seem to need them more than the average person. :D