Sunday, June 24, 2012


The first part of this video is funny, but it kind of gets a little strange after the first few minutes. 

What do you present to the world? Which personality do you put on when you leave the house? Is your online face different than your in real life face? It's too bad that so many people are incapable of showing who they really are. I once met a guy who seemed to be someone to admire. Many years later, I realized he was a parody of the person he presented himself to be and nothing to really applaud. He wore a great mask though. It always makes me wonder when someone talks about putting things on the table but is more the type who sticks his head in the sand. The truth is that I never knew the guy well, so, in the beginning, I assumed he was the person he described himself to be. Maybe he was telling me about the person he wanted to be. In general, I surrounded myself with people who are much more honest. Fortunately, the people in my life now are far more genuine. My friends and I may not be perfect, but we make an effort to be real.

In all honesty, I've had a really shitty day, and I can't face blogging. This is unfortunate, because I had much to say about this word. I was hoping to address facing fears, facing the world, facing reality and facing others.

Instead of struggling through a post that would probably end up incoherent and messy, I'll post a link to this really interesting blog post I read the other day about words.

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